qr codes: now, ok! and what about next?


Mal se difundiram e já estão mudando de cara. Os QR codes começam a ganhar personalização e a cara das empresas como neste exemplo feito por um escritório japonês especializado nesse tipo de ações para a Louis Vuitton em parceria com o artista Murakami.

Os branded QR codes vão transformar de vez o futuro dos já antiquados códigos de barras – e conectar de forma mais divertida o mundo offline com o mundo online

Nas palavras do criador

“You’ve hinted at animated codes and physical object codes – how will they work?

I am loathe to comment too much on the animated and physical codes only because we want to take things slow and let everyone catch up a bit. We want people to get used to color before we start throwing codes made of Coke cans, golf balls or people’s faces at them. I will say that there is an enormous potential for the codes to delight and attract consumers if you give it a little bit of thought. We are currently designing games and scavenger-type hunts using the codes that will again showcase how they can be used in a more creative way.”


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